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" A fantastic opportunity
to share ideas and
experiences with other
fieldwork leaders"

"Both extremely enjoyable
and very valuable career

"Fantastic group
interaction, enriching

"A very interesting,
instructive and
motivating course
led by welcoming
and knowledgeable staff.
Highly recommend"

" It was an opportunity
to meet and learn from
other academics but
not in a conference
room but outside in the
environment that you
have to teach in. That
made all the difference"

"The CERES workshop
helped me to feel more
confident and
enthusiastic about
organising field trips for
my students. Working
outside in the beautiful
natural surroundings
was inspirational"

"Invaluable learning,
both socially and

"I gained some
interesting insight into
creating interdisciplinary
field courses, and
benefited from sharing
ideas for field activities
with other academic staff"

"Excellent opportunity to
build skills, develop links
with colleagues and
critically look at how field
courses operate for the
maximum benefit of
students and academics

"Excellent and engaging
discussions about
fieldwork planning,
logistics and pedagogy"

"Working with an
international team was
wonderful and I would
love to find further
opportunities to do
"       SPW May 2019

"Different backgrounds
are very much enriching
and contribute so much
to a project"
              SPW May 2019

"It was by far the best part
of my BSc time. I have
never before learned so
much in such a short time,
and I would have never
believed that living in one
big house with 15
international students
would be that much fun.
We all have grown to be
a family, there will be
reunions and future
cooperations.  I wish
everybody could get a
chance to experience
what I did."
             SPW May 2019

"One of the best
experiences of my
life, 10/10
            SPW May 2019

"I am planning on
working in a field
that requires an
multinational team.
The course  has
made me realise
the importance of
having experts in
different fields and
necessity of a person 
that combines all that
knowledge into
something useful for

            SPW May 2019

CERES Project marine recreation Aljezur, Algarve, Southwest Portugal

EU outdoor education

outdoor education 

coordinator training

This training course prepares professionals to take groups into the outdoor environment to teach adventure sport activities. The course brings together people from a wide range of skills and professions working in field of non-vocational adult education, like surf teachers, wind- and kitesurf instructors, dive instructors, kayak instructors etc.  You will have the opportunity to challenge yourself and develop personal and professional skills that help you with your career.  This course offers the ultimate opportunity to study five different adventure sport activities in one week.

adventure sport activities

We work with professional instructors giving you the opportunity to explore surfing, mountainbiking, coasteering, kitesurfing and diving from a teachers perspective. You will learn about the correct equipment, health and safety issues, typical injuries and how to avoid them from experts in this field.

theory sessions

Our staff  will lead workshops and give lectures to provide a theoretical framework to underpin the practical activities. Our staff spend most of their spare time in the water themselves and will ensure that theory and practice are linked in a stimulating and relevant way.

The scientists involved in this course are extensively experienced in giving presentations to non-specialist audiences, and take advantage of PowerPoint presentations, short videos, and other entertaining visual tools. Interactivity will be key, and you will always be invited to participate by answering questions, reporting your own experiences and sharing your opinions with others.

 fast facts

  Educational tools
  Off-site Health & Safety
  Logistics of group travel
  Action planning

  dates :
  Saturday - Friday : 7 days
  include accommodation,
  all meals, local travel,
  lessons and equipment
  rentals:   €1780

  number of participants :
  5 - 16

  activity level :
  Very active

  prerequisites :
  No academic prerequisite.
  Good level of fitness.

  application deadline :
  17. September 2013

  Please contact us for more

course itinerary


Day 1:   Planning an outdoor activity

Pick up from Lagos, arrival at the CERES Lodge, ice-breaking session (coffee, tea, juice, biscuits), introduction to the project and the area, presentation of staff and team members, detailed information about safety measures.
Workshop: planning a trip with a group to teach adventure activities.The logistics: accomodation, transport, catering arrangements.
Field exercise followed by Q&S session.
 Presentation of the participants: country and organisation, personal information, aims of the participants, material to share with the group.
Case study: teaching adventure sports in the Algarve. Participants develop an action plan for their organisation.
Day 2:  Educational tools and how to use them (case study: mountain biking) 
Workshop: selecting appropiate activities to achieve specific learning outcomes. Participants suggest best practise specific for their organisation.
Field exercise followed by Q&S session with local mountainbike tour provider.
Pedagogical project.
Day 3:  Off-site health and safety management (case study: surfing)
Workshop: safety requirements and risk assessments, outline the key requirements relating to group safety during an activity, identifying appropriate actions and procedures to deal with both minor and major incidents.
Field exercise followed by Q&S session with local surf instructors.
Day 4:  Conservation issues (case study: coasteering) 
Concept mapping: Impact of outdoor activities on ecosystems.
Field exercise followed by Q&S session with climbing instructor.
Pedagogical project: Formal and informal moments and how to introduce environmental issues into a training sessions.

Day 5:  Action planning (case study: kitesurfing / windsurfing)
Workshop: participants develop individual itineraries, draw up action plan and retro-time line, identify the legal framework surrounding off-site activities.
Field exercise followed by visit of local training centre and Q&S session with kitesurf /windsurf instructor.
Day 6:   Budgeting and fundraising (case study: diving)
Workshop: Budgeting. Fundraising options. Identify and apply for grants and possible gifts in kind to finance an educational trip.
Field exercise followed by visit of local diving centre and Q&S session with diving instructor.
Day 7:  Departure day
Summary, feedback.
Examination (optional).
Course evaluation.

Please be aware that the schedule may vary. Sea state, weather conditions, and the preferences of the group will shape the daily schedule. Please try to be flexible and understand that working in nature cannot be 100% predictable.

details and prices

The Outdoor Education Coordinator Training runs for seven days. The fully inclusive package covers:

Accommodation in the CERES Lodge; a luscious all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast (enough to prepare a packed lunch for a day in the field); evening meals (we take you out to our favourite local restaurants); expert tuition and specialist workshops; entrance fees; licenses; obligatory insurances; all transport once here, all course materials and equipment rentals. There are no hidden costs. 

•  Expert tuition and workshops     •  Accommodation included     •  All transport included    •  Certificated        •  Luxury meals included    •  All course materials included       •  Carbon offset contribution    

On completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Participation. Those who want to take things further can take an exam at the end.

7 day course (all inclusive) €1780
(Grundtvik grant funding available)

We offer group reductions.  Contact us for details.




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