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" A fantastic opportunity
to share ideas and
experiences with other
fieldwork leaders"

"Both extremely enjoyable
and very valuable career

"Fantastic group
interaction, enriching

"A very interesting,
instructive and
motivating course
led by welcoming
and knowledgeable staff.
Highly recommend"

" It was an opportunity
to meet and learn from
other academics but
not in a conference
room but outside in the
environment that you
have to teach in. That
made all the difference"

"The CERES workshop
helped me to feel more
confident and
enthusiastic about
organising field trips for
my students. Working
outside in the beautiful
natural surroundings
was inspirational"

"Invaluable learning,
both socially and

"I gained some
interesting insight into
creating interdisciplinary
field courses, and
benefited from sharing
ideas for field activities
with other academic staff"

"Excellent opportunity to
build skills, develop links
with colleagues and
critically look at how field
courses operate for the
maximum benefit of
students and academics

"Excellent and engaging
discussions about
fieldwork planning,
logistics and pedagogy"

"Working with an
international team was
wonderful and I would
love to find further
opportunities to do
"       SPW May 2019

"Different backgrounds
are very much enriching
and contribute so much
to a project"
              SPW May 2019

"It was by far the best part
of my BSc time. I have
never before learned so
much in such a short time,
and I would have never
believed that living in one
big house with 15
international students
would be that much fun.
We all have grown to be
a family, there will be
reunions and future
cooperations.  I wish
everybody could get a
chance to experience
what I did."
             SPW May 2019

"One of the best
experiences of my
life, 10/10
            SPW May 2019

"I am planning on
working in a field
that requires an
multinational team.
The course  has
made me realise
the importance of
having experts in
different fields and
necessity of a person 
that combines all that
knowledge into
something useful for

            SPW May 2019

CERES Project courses Aljezur, Algarve, Southwest Portugal


professional development training courses 

CERES delivers three high quality courses for school and university staff looking for new ideas and approaches for creating an engaging and motivational learning environment.  All of our courses have a strong practical and applied emphasis. Grants to cover the cost of the course fee and to contribute to travel costs, accommodation, meals, cultural and linguistic preparation and special assistance are available under European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme.


fieldwork coordinator training

This course is a must for anyone responsible for off-site visits in science education. Spread over 4 days it offers an in-depth look at the issues involved in planning, managing and evaluating local visits, fieldtrips and exchanges. The course provides practical solutions and guidance for visit coordinators, teachers, and voluntary staff involved in fieldwork activities for the first time. Experienced teachers and trip leaders will benefit from fresh ideas and sharing best-practise. The course has a strong emphasis on improving teaching and training techniques in the field... go to page

outdoor education coordinator training - not running anymore

This instructor training course prepares teachers to take groups into the outdoor environment to pursue adventure sport activities.  Spread over 7 days the course offers an in-depth look at operational procedures, offsite health and safety management, conservation issues and the legal framework of taking groups abroad.  Participants have the opportunity to explore adventure sport activities like surfing, kitesurfing, snorkelling, coasteering and mountain biking first hand, gain an overview of the equipment used and learn from industry experts... go to page.

applied marine conservation  - not runnning anymore

This course has been devolved in cooperation with the Surfrider Foundation Europe. It enables professionals working in the watersport industry to understand the challenges of responsible and sustainable use of the marine environment. The course gives concrete solutions for integrating concepts to increase people's awareness about the environment and associated challenges in everyday pedagogical work. It provides inspiration and tools to help protect the coastal ecosystem, provide a “greener” workplace and delivers a basis for individual and collective decision making... go to page.

short courses for individuals 

summer science expedition

The Summer Science Expedition is a residential program in which A-level students from around the world complete a challenging, hands-on research project in biology or earth science. They work alongside a university researcher in the field collecting data for a conservation project.  Students learn experimental set up, data analysis and report writing from the experts.  Stimulating guest speakers and field trips round out the curriculum.  This expedition helps students with their academic progress, personal development, and motivates them to become scientists themselves... go to page

science project

Hypothesis testing is a powerful tool if you know how to use it. Help to collect data for a conservation project. Make a difference. We will teach you the tools of the trade and guide you with designing and setting up a scientifically rigorous science project. This course is for students who want to do something exiting for their university project and for people who want to help provide answers to essential questions in conservation. We work in close collaboration with local agencies to make sure that we ask the right questions. You will spend a lot of your time in the field... go to page

rocking coast

Climate change, sea-level rise, earthquakes, tsunamis are topics that cover the headlines of today´s newspapers. An understanding of Earth Science enables us to make informed decisions that influence our daily life. We will show you how to recognise landslides, rock falls, erosion and cliff retreats. We will take you to places of inland deposits of tsunamis, explain the results of sea-level change and show you dinosaur footprints and lots of exciting rocks covered with fossils and minerals. It will be an interesting introduction into geology... go to page


tailored courses

We are flexible. We love new ideas and challenges. Do you represent a company, a university department or a group of like-minded people? Do you have a good idea that can help your people to develop skills in key areas, engage and inspire them but cannot find a course to meet your specific requirements? Please contact us. We will work with you and our local partners to plan and deliver a fully flexible course to address your specific requirements. We will help you identify where you could use some training, then work with you to design and deliver a cost effective training week.

details and prices

Most of our courses run for four days. The fully inclusive package covers:

Accommodation in the CERES Villa or a lovey nearby guesthouse,  a luscious all-you-can-eat organic buffet breakfast, light salate lunch and evening 3 course meal. All the meals are vegetarian, but they can be adapted to vegan, gluten free or lactose free meals.

•  Expert tuition and workshops     •  Accommodation included     •  Local transport included   
•  Certificated
     •  Luxury meals included     •  Course materials included*       •  Carbon offset contribution    

On completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Participation.

our partners for short courses



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